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A powerful story of overcoming obstacles…

Challenging the status quo. And winning. (Not the race, but the right to run more than one mile.) Thank you.

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We had a power outage on Saturday which took us outside to enjoy the last bit of sunlight. What's a quilter to do, except sit and ...

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The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath. I know this one is supposedly very depressing and dark. I have read it three times now and I find it beautiful.

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Photographing Vintage Trains

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Esta imagen es pertinente como referente visual puesto que puede hacer semejanza a los hilos que unen el cuero de la pelota de béisbol y a su vez al trabajo en equipo

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Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles. Boston Marathon 1967. Way to go Kathrine Switzer and fellow runners. Jock Semple. Feminism. Equality.

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Cyril E. Power, English, 1872–1951, Acrobats, about 1933, Color linocut - artist best known for his linocut prints, long-standing artistic partnership with Canadian artist Sybil Andrews and for co-founding The Grosvenor School Of Modern Art in London in 1925. He was also a successful architect and teacher.(

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New York City

U.S. Tourism: New York is another city on the tour. Having users be able to see the size of these cities should create powerful, resonating feelings.

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Statue of Lady Sennuwy, probably for Tomb of Djefaihapu, Asyut, Egypt, found in…

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