Jeremy Paxman's final Newsnight: pedalling into the sunset with Boris Johnson - Telegraph

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Boris Johnson says pledge to maintain high levels of funding for Scotland is 'reckless' while Owen Paterson warns 'lopsided constitutional settlement cannot last'

Boris Johnson gets stuck on zip wire carrying two Union flags - Telegraph

Boris Johnson's Telegraph column on Brexit is made of half-truths, magical thinking, and outright lies — Quartz

Boris Johnson: "Churchill wrote to keep the black dog of depression at bay" - Telegraph

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has said that Britain should refuse to contribute to a second European bailout for Greece.

Boris Johnson's zip wire mishap becomes an online sensation - Telegraph

"Boris Johnson says snow casts doubt on climate change science The mayor of London uses his Telegraph column to signal to the Conservative party's right-wing that he is their man...Through columns such as this, he is the deep blue, right-wingers in the Tory party who lap up climate scepticism that he is "one of them"...he is also signalling...that he treats science as a political plaything that can be tossed about, or ignored, at his convenience..."

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