Mechromancer, Brandon Dunn on ArtStation at

Gaige the Mechromancer, from the game Borderlands 2 - including her robo buddy, Deathtrap

borderlands 2 - ain't no rest for the wicked art print by art of peach | society6

Borderlands Ain& No Rest for the Wicked - Created by Stefano Cozzi On sale now on

vaulthunternetwork: He’s such a lovely robot by Idonthaveanynickname

vaulthunternetwork: He’s such a lovely robot by Idonthaveanynickname

Borderlands, fandom, oc, IsaacCabrera

Here's a character design commission that I'm finally able to show for one of my clients who is writing his own Borderlands inspired game. Enyo The Siren (Original Character Commission)

BORDERLANDS 2 by on @deviantART

Borderlands: Origins comics will, as the title suggests, tell the origin stories of the first four Vault Hunters. This is the alternate cover of issue promoting Borderlands Love it!

Lilith. *swoon*

With its attitude-filled writing and well-executed visual style, Borderlands: Origins fits right into the Borderlands universe and captures everything I love about the games.

Hyperion Announcement by inklou

I just LOVE this art style. It is the perfect way to balance realism and stylised art together in a fluid manner. I will definitely hone in on this style type now.