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Top level security In addition to your network connection service, you may add Netlink Voice business security. Our managed security service...


The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is an inter-autonomous system routing protocol. An autonomous system is a group of networks under common administrative control and routing policies. This sequence...


The Strong Benefits of Using External Border Gateway Protocol (eBGP)

from Ars Technica

Repeated attacks hijack huge chunks of Internet traffic, researchers warn

"Since February, they have observed 38 distinct events in which large blocks of traffic have been improperly redirected to routers at Belarusian or Icelandic service providers. The hacks, which exploit implicit trust placed in the border gateway protocol used to exchange data between large service providers, affected 'major financial institutions, governments, and network service providers' in the US, South Korea, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Libya, and Iran."