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This is Kid. He's a Blue Healer, Border Collie mix. He's 4 years old now and is my best friend. I don't trust anyone but him. He's my hunting partner and we keep each other alive. Because in this world it's Kill or Be Killed.

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Black & White Border Collie. Dreyfus..there are days when I miss you soooo much!!

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Beatrix Potter - Author, Artist and Naturalist

Scout (in one of her former lives) with Beatrix Potter, artist, writer, naturalist, conservationist: admired and adored!

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Border Collies are not only good for herding sheep and kids and catching Frisbies, but they are great at protecting their families. My Minski will not let anyone into the house that she doesn't trust. Good girl!

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Bordie Collie / their ears are a little floppy when they are puppies but then suddenly one day they just start standing straight up all on their own.

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They love to be close to you, are very loyal, will do anything to please, love attention and are so forgiving.

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Border Collie: Rose at Dogs Trust

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