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basic bookbinding: a tutorial by Jamie Butler

crafty stars Totally want a pic like this when my baby boy gets here :) The Basic Binding of Books: A Tutorial by Jamie Butler

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Bookbingding Tutorial

spells-and-sorcery: “ Simple book binding tutorial, very useful for making your own personalize Book of Shadows ”

Endbands (headbands and tailbands, if you describe elements at the top and bottom of the book block, respectively), are often overlooked by the ordinary book users. However, they are a very important element and can become a part of your design.

Previous Pinner: Sewing an endband onto a blank book. From my time at the North Bennet Street School's bookbinding program,

paperiaarre | the best way to attach covers to a coptic binding |

the best way to attach covers to a coptic binding

Flashback to Junior year!! Definitely should brush up on the ol' book-binding chops...

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

Basic Sewing for a Booklet: Bookbinding Instructions / Merge Leon. Because I'm too lazy to find my notes from my college bookmaking class.

love the rough-edges paper and rustic styling of these books. The stitching techniques used are long stitching (in the center) combined with link stitches (at the ends).

HOW TO make a Leather Journal - BOOK BINDING tutorial

Get yourself a journal or a notepad to carry with you at all times. Always be ready to write notes and any ideas you may have when you're inspired. Sure we have smartphones and tablets--but nothing beats your trusty journal.

Bookbinding Tutorial | Greenleaf & Blueberry via The Postman's Knock

Bookbinding Tutorial {Brought to You by Jessica of Greenleaf & Blueberry}

This detailed bookbinding tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about creating and enjoying your own handmade books!