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Mog the forgetful cat, Judith Kerr ~ 1970 I love Mog, my cat Dinah was the spitting image of mog but used to like to be vacuumed....


Sussex, 1912. In a churchyard, villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will die in the coming year are thought to walk. Here, where the estuary leads out to the sea, superstitions still hold sway. Standing alone is the taxidermist's daughter. A stunning new novel from the multi-million copy bestselling author, Kate Mosse.


Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson in publicity still for Rebecca (1940, dir. Alfred Hitchcock) (via) “Her voice dropped to a whisper. ‘Sometimes, when I walk along the corridor here, I fancy I hear her just behind me. That quick, light footstep. I could not mistake it anywhere. It’s almost as though I catch the sound of her dress sweeping the stairs as she comes down to dinner.’ She paused. She went on looking at me, watching my eyes. ‘Do you think she can see us,