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from The New Yorker

1,000 Words: Stand Tall

Bebelplatz Library, Berlin Travel Share and enjoy! 40ft stack of books sculpture at the Berlin Walk of Ideas, commemorating the invention of modern book printing


"He sat, lost in his own world as the loose pages fluttered around him, some falling into the fire that illuminated the mud-stained pages he read. The words dancing in his mind as his air element unlocked, creating a light wind that picked up the papers and swirled angrily around him."


Hence the book title, Liesel steals books; her peculiar hobby begins when her brother is buried and a young gravedigger drops a book. She steals it as a memory of her brother, though she is illiterate. With help from school and Hans Hubermann, she learns to read. Over a year later, she steals an abandoned book from a nazi book burning. The mayor's wife notices, and later invites Liesel in her library. When the mayor's wife fires Liesel's mother, Liesel starts to steal the books from her…


What To Do With Donald Trump’s Book


This quote courtesy of @Pinstamatic ( "Yesterday is gone and you will be OK. Place your past into a book, burn the pages let them cook" Sia Lyrics 1000 Forms of Fear