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It is must for a potential client to ensure the completion of the project. This surety comes in the form of bonded licenses. It is the financial assurance for the client that the job will be completed to their satisfaction. These bonds are financial protection against any undesired events or unsatis...

Seats 4. Was produced as an alternative to such microcars as the BMW Isetta, Messerschmitt, Fuldamobile, Peel, and Noble.


I don't ship them as a couple- I just don't see them that way; it'd take away from the bond they've created, but I sure as hell love them for being the closest friends who love each other and would walk to the end of the earth to insure the other's safety

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How Does Olaplex Hair Treatment Work

What is Olaplex? Olaplex is a hair treatment that's getting heaps of buzz for bleach damaged hair. Here's the science behind how it repairs disulfide bonds.

My other car is a ... über-cool killing machine (apart from the 2CV which was just silly)
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Bond Infographic Breaks Down His Many Rides