A fierce looking leopard nail art design. You can look at this design and definitely tell that it has a strong impact with its bold black and red colors slowly forming into leopard prints. The gold embellishment on top serves as a crown to glorify the elegant design.

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pronunciation | 'U-ton-E\ (YOO-ton-ee)nope | I didn’t spell it wrong. Euphony is any harmonious or sweet sound, whereas I located sources that confirmed that eutony pertains to words. It may be obsolete or extremely obscure (and it was later adopted by someone who used it as the name of their “holistic method of self-discovery”) but I did mean eutony.

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These are the most odd pairing compatibility charts I have seen for the signs yet but hey! it could all work out if you don’t let astrology be the ruler of everything @portraitdeyeol

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chibird: I say yes to more of all of these! ^u^ <-- ohmygoodness chibird uses the same emoji as I do!!! ^u^

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