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How to choose to perfect board game algorithm. Awesome :) Although they are missing some games... and some of them are a little "big bang theory-ish."

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Clue Board Game. This is how the game board looked when I was a kid. I loved this game!

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Shared by Olivia: 1. The game board is always changing so there will NEVER be a game like the last. 2. There isn't just one way to win, so no-one can use the same strategy over and over making them that unbeatable player. 3. This game is just pure awesomeness so I would definitely look into it more if I were you.

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Stay Alive - The Ultimate Survival Game (Milton Bradley Company,1978) - vintage board game

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Here's a simple game where students move around the board adding and subtracting blocks while trying to build the tallest tower.

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Wellness Board Game Crush recently created this illustration which highlights how the Optimum Health programme can help people improve their health and fitness through providing goals, advice, support and mapping ones individual progress. Jam packed with information and tips this illustration will be used online and print.

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