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Audrey Flack Paints ordinary objects in a representative way. The objects sybolize her self in similar way to Dutch Vanitas paintings.

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Yes you will be lovely and awesome Ps who brings people to God! Keep doing what you're doing'll amaze with the result. Everytime I think about what you'll become always put smile in my face and proud in my heart. #proudofyouM #ciayo

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When Marcel Christ combined the mediums of pastel chalks and photography, it resulted in true work of arts. The artist describes playing with the chalk as an experiment that he responded to with still photographs. These images are full of life and have an explosive like quality to them that have captured our eye and our love for all things colorful.

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George Shaw's paintings - in pictures

George Shaw, the man who should have won the Turner Prize. Melodic paintings which chime with the state of the nation today - well good!

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