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How to clean a boar bristle hair brush... like new! -- Tags: Natural Hair Care, boar bristle brushing, how to clean a boar bristle brush, before and after, water only hair, primal, natural, no poo, no-poo, shampoo-free, Just Primal Things Blog


Mason Pearson Pocket Brush

Mason Pearson Brush...supposed to be the best brush you can buy. Maybe I'll find out someday? Whenever I can justify spending $100 for a brush. #anthropologie


MASON PEARSON HAIR BRUSH Before we met the Mason Pearson, we never knew the full potential of a hairbrush. Its boar bristles detangle and smooth for perfect, shiny, shampoo-commercial hair (with zero static). Even hairstylists guard theirs backstage. "I don't leave my Mason Pearson unattended," says Hawkins. "There's magic in it." - Allure Mag's 50 Beauty Products to Buy Before You Die


A year or two ago, I would have seen a hairstyle like this and thought "I would never wear my hair like that." Now it's like, my favourite. The best way for me to get it right on my own hair is tons of dry shampoo for a nice gritty, dry texture at the roots and fine backbrushing with a boar hair bristle brush before tying it up. #halfup #longhair

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The 4 Hair Saviors You Should Never Skip

The 4 Hair Saviors You Should Never Skip #refinery29 Sure, you may not want to shell out your hard-earned cash on a Mason Pearson brush, but a tool with boar bristles is pretty key when it comes to giving your mane proper treatment. "One of the best things for your hair is the natural oils that your scalp naturally produces," Stone says. "A boar-bristle brush helps redistribute those oils down your hair, so they don't just sit on your…

I did not think cleaning my hair brush would make THAT big a difference for my hair. (I was wrong!) It only takes 60 seconds, sooo grab your hair brush now. (or pin for later)

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Ashcreek Poncho

Outrageously expensive, but so many people seem to recommend them. Wonder if they're worth it?

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15 Gorgeous Long-Hair Ideas to Try Now

HIGH, HALF-UP PONYTAIL "The height of the ponytail elongates her face and complements her cheekbones beautifully," says Rush. You can re-create this look using a two-inch curling iron to give the hair a slight bend before bringing the front section up into a high ponytail with an elastic. Finish by smoothing out the top with a boar-bristle paddle brush, like a Mason Pearson. "This will give it a baby-soft feel and take away the severity of the height."

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Get a Handle On Unruly Hair With These 9 Boar-Bristle Brushes