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I did not think cleaning my hair brush would make THAT big a difference for my hair. (I was wrong!) It only takes 60 seconds, sooo grab your hair brush now. (or pin for later)

How to clean a boar bristle hair brush... like new! -- Tags: Natural Hair Care, boar bristle brushing, how to clean a boar bristle brush, before and after, water only hair, primal, natural, no poo, no-poo, shampoo-free, Just Primal Things Blog


Brush Lab Diamond Wood Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Brush

Beard Brush In Bamboo With Soft Boar Bristles For Men By My Best Beard - Combs Beards Mustache To Use With Oil, Balm and Conditioners In A Great Holiday Cotton Gift Bag - $ 21.84 Personal Groomers Product Features ORIGINAL GENUINE boar hair facial


Marilyn Ovali Pro Brush, 3 in by Marilyn. Save 32 Off!. $20.60. Eliminates Carpel Tunnel Syndrome completely. Holds all the hair in the bristling area ? full tension. Foam handle for a better grip. 100% natural Boar bristle brushes. Polishes, shines and smoothes the hair like no other brush. Ovali Pro Product Features: -Two brushes in one! Use the flatter side for straight styling or the curve side for lifting and flipping the hair for more volume -Foam handle for a better ...