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Surface blur inspired by Maykel Lima. Task: produce a surface blur/ smudged portrait inspired by the work of Maykel Lima.

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7 Questions: Frank Machalowski On 'Monsters,' His Eerie Long Exposure Photos of Crowds

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Power station light painting. by ~vivifyer on deviantART

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Blurring can be used to create the illusion of motion. Here the motion that the dancer took is clear due to the blurring from one poison to the next.

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Julian Opie - " Blur ", 2000, National Portrait Gallery, London. (Originally done for their Album cover)

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Big Ben and houses of parliament Depth of Field being used creatively - I feel this gives a much better effect than having shot the image with a smaller aperture which would give a bigger focus in the image (so Big Ben in the background would have been in focus too).

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The texture in this image is really interesting as the icicles against the metal are really intriguing. The background being blurred creates a more up close and personal feel to the photo as it looks like you're invading its space by getting so close to the chain.

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Autumn tree: I like the angle of this shot because it enhances the trees large size. Additionally I like the shallow depth of field, focussing the lower leaf yet enhancing its colour with the out of focus background.

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