Using Wood Dyes On Maple and Oak - Blue Dye - Blue Wood Stain - YouTube

I Mix Blue Dyes To Apply On Oak And Maple To Make A Gorgeous Blue Wood Stain. I used Keda Liquid Dyes to make this high end blue wood stain.

A nice shiny new wooden floor in Playtime Blue Wood Stain. Perfect for Kids Rooms. - Agent 420 Found in TSR Category 'Wood'

Leave pennies in vinegar for a week and get a lovely Caribbean blue wood stain

Homemade wood stains --> pennies soaked in vinegar for a week make gorgeous ocean blue stain.must use copper pennies before 1982

.Navy blue wood stain for Ikea wood furniture would be nice :)

scandinavian home: A lovingly renovated Norwegian home dating back to the dark blue painted hutch.