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Santa Rosa Blue Hole

Santa Rosa Blue Hole, New Mexico - Located just off of the famous Route 66 in New Mexico's arid climes is the Santa Rosa Blue Hole, a natural swimming hole that has hides a system of underwater caves which were unexplored until 2013.

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The Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, New Mexico The name is spot on. It’s just a giant, 80 ft deep blue hole, but it’s a swimming and scuba diving dream come true. And at a year round temperature of 64 degrees, you don’t have to wait till summer to wade in these tranquil, cerulean blue waters.

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Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM | Blue Hole appears in the midst of the desert like a great blue gem. ( Agua Negra Chiquita) Once known as Blue Lake, it is one of seven sister lakes connected underground by a vast system of water.

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Santa Rosa Blue Hole - This is a beautiful place in a town where there's not much else. It's on the old Route 66, so if you're heading to Albuquerque via that route, make sure to stop off and see it. And if you don't mind cold water (62ºF year round), take a suit and have a dip.

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A corner of Singapore is going Super Loco for the fast food of rustic old Mexico diners...

A corner of Singapore is going Super Loco​ for the fast food of rustic old Mexico diners…

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Santa Rosa, New Mexico has a cool Route 66 landmark. A popular dive destination and SCUBA fave. The Blue Hole has a diameter of 80 feet but spans more than 130 feet at the bottom. A great reason to bring your swim trunks on your Route 66 road trip.

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“Freediving Serenity” Bronze in Divers Joel Penner, California Location: Tulum, Mexico Comment: Tulum is said to have more diving diversity than anywhere else in the world. 3rd-155021390877608_ORIGINAL

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