Blue Exorcist; there's only been one season as of this pin (unless you're following the manga), but its very promising.  Its an interesting world too.

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This show is so good. I definitely recommend you watch it if you're looking for a new anime to pick up!

Japanese boy, Rin, finds out he is the son of Satan. Satan kills the only father he ever knew. Rin decides to get revenge on Satan! Now if he could only hide his tail.

Blue exorcist the movie meme Gta version

Blue exorcist the movie meme Gta version

Blue exorcist rich movie scenery reminded me of Ghibli, everything was so lively :)

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anime-backgrounds: “Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Movie: Directed by Atsushi Takahashi, Art Directed by Shinji Kimura(Tekkonkinkreet). Created by Pictures.

Blue Exorcist (TV)

Bleach is an action, fantasy Japanese anime series. Noriyuki Abe is the director of Bleach anime series. Masashi Sogo is the writer of Bleach anime.

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Blue Exorcist Movie

Blue Exorcist Movie anime info and recommendations. When his adopted father, Shiro Fujimoto was killed.