Doberman Pinscher color and markings. Allowed Colors: Black, red, blue, and fawn. Markings: Rust, sharply defined, appearing above each eye and on muzzle, throat and forechest, on all legs and feet, and below tail. White patch on chest, not exceeding ½ square inch, permissible. Besides the more common color’s seen in the Doberman—Black & Rust and Red & Rust—there are the”DILUTES” of these two colors—Blue is a “dilute” of Black—Fawn is a “dilute” of Red.

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To one day own 4 Doberman Pinschers of all 4 colors of Blue, Black tan, Red rust, and Fawn.: Pets Dobermanpinschers, Doberman Black, Doberman Colors, Doberman Pinscher, Dogs Pets, Blue Doberman Puppy, Dobermans Blue, Doberman Google

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~ here's a pic of a blue doberman puppy like we used to have that I was telling you about :) @Lindsay Dillon Hartselle

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