Blue Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

34 Blue Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

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Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

Are you looking for some beautiful Christmas trees for this Christmas. Well here is a collection of top Christmas Tree Decorations, that will make your home a wonderful place for this Christmas.

I am not into blue decorations but for some reason this tree is so cute. It must be that silly bird on top the just makes me smile.

Blue Christmas Tree with Owl Topper. The different shades of warm to bright blues along with the owl tree topper make this tree feel like being in the woods, under the moon, on a winters night.

Color Series {Holiday Edition} Blue | A Shade Of Teal

Color Series {Holiday Edition} Blue

Blue Christmas Decor Theme

Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas - A Tour of Our Home

Decorating the house for Christmas can be so fun! I love the color blue so I chose to decorate our living room Christmas Tree in shades of blue. Using blue ribbons and blue Christmas tree ornaments the color was a change and the result a beautiful blue Ch