Chalcedony - powerful cleansing stone; can lessen effects of Dementia; increases physical energy; heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood & circulatory system; improves mineral absorbtion; absorbs negative energy; dissipates negative thoughts, emotions & bad dreams

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Carribbean blue chalcedony is a stone related to the element of water. The permanently enhanced coloring fits the stone's native "watery" nature. It's very helpful in the emotional realm. Can calm anxiety and stress, and bring emotional healing in times of grief. Assists with communication, particularly communications that are involved in emotional things. Also has the characteristic properties of other Blue Chalcedony and Chalcedony in general, and is related primarily to the throat chakra.

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Blue Chalcedony stone, has all of the properties of clear quartz crystals and is especially good at opening you up to spiritual enlightenment in an exceptionally peaceful way. The natural energy coming from Blue Chalcedony has been described as being almost dream like, gentle, smooth as silk and flowing like a breeze upon the skin.

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Blue Chalcedony - opens the mind to assimilate new ideas and helps acceptance of new situations. Very calming stone. Clears Throat chakra.

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fair Blue Chalcedony Silver Blue Ring Designer L-1in US 5,6,7,8

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