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Bloody Mary - It is said that if you turn off the light, stand in front of a mirror, and say "Bloody Mary!" three times while spinning in a circle, she will appear in the mirror behind you and promptly kill you. ... I remember scaring a whole line of children with this in grade school while they were in the bathroom. They all ran down the hallway with their pants around their ankles back to class in fear. Oops.

Christian Schrapff, Actor: Bloody Mary. Christian Schrapff is an actor and executive, known for Bloody Mary (2006), 15/Love (2004) and Revolution (2009).

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Jack Daniels series by J A Konrath 1. Whiskey Sour (2004) 2. Bloody Mary (2005) 3. Rusty Nail (2006) 4. Dirty Martini (2007) 5. Fuzzy Navel (2008) 6. Cherry Bomb (2009) 7. Shaken (2011) 8. Stirred (2011)


McClure's makes pickles. We make relish and we make bloody mary mix. We make pickled products in our own factories using an old family recipe. We use local produce, when it is in season and available and above all believe in making the highest quality all-natural pickles, relish, and bloody mary mix we can. Founded in 2006.