8 week old Bloodhound puppy. We call her Miss Bella Blue.

Wanted to foster a bloodhound puppy but hubby wouldn't have it 😢

I would also have 1 big dog and I love blood hound they are lovely dogs

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this is really Jake's other half @Meg Feltham

i want a bloodhound! Dopey & Dazey are Bassett hounds but I adore the blood hound too. So cute.

Bloodhound.... That sad wee wrinkled face...♥♥♥

Wud you just look at dat sweet baby's wittle face! But he looks so sad 😢

come on that is just cute

Buck, a bloodhound from Fallston, Maryland. In the top 100 in 2014 Garden & Gun Magazine "Good Dog" Photo Contest (Garden & Gun Magazine?