My favourite album's include Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head .I literally love all their songs, some include; Don't Panic, Spies, Shiver, Sparks, We Never Change, Green Eyes, The Scientist, Clocks, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and Everything Is Not Lost. The list goes on...

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Will I deny myself your Delicate fingers running through my fur. The sound of your kiss between my velvety ears will content me just fine. So sit with me my saviour in life for you saw the light in my dark. Teeth and claws and powerful jaws yes, my dear you are fooled. For I am the wolf and I wish for one thing, well in fact I don't not need to wish. Because inside my eyes you're as blue as the skies and you will not deny me my needs. So stare not at my jaws or your blood on my claws because…

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My hazy sight focuses on the greasy bartender as he comes toward me while wiping down the bar's countertops. He smirks, revealing yellow, rotten teeth. "What's yer poison, madame?" I shut my blood-shot eyes. I hadn't slept in days. My stupid new neighbor has had a different girl to accompany him in bed every night this past week. Every band and every shout of agreement was clearly audible through the paper-thin walls. "Bloody Mary," I reply. He moved into the apartment across from mine two…

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"Blood In My Eyes." Bob Dylan, playing a Martin J-15.

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Wistmans Wood in the ancient high-level woodlands of Dartmoor in Devon, south west England

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The gas does weird things to you. One of the aftermaths is that my eyes have turned a brilliant purple. It honestly looks like I got in a fight with someone who gave me two good punches to the face. And I suppose I did get into to a fight though, a fight with the air. Has anything ever sounded so stupid?

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"These didn't come from the flames." He said in a worried tone. She stuffed her hand behind her back quickly and looked up to him, tears burning at the back of her eyes.

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