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big bang theory, bacon wrapped media Still a better love story than Twilight. Sheldon and Amy

iemens has developed a new test for diagnosing liver damage that requires only a blood sample instead of a biopsy.    The Enhanced Liver Fibrosis test is not only less invasive and painful than the biopsy -- which involves the removal of a small amount of liver tissue -- but it also takes just an hour instead of a week. The test was developed by Siemens Healthcare in collaboration with University College London.    Liver fibrosis is the scarring of the liver tissue associated with chronic…

Test for liver damage uses blood sample instead of biopsy

learn liver biopsy procedures performed to diagnose liver disease.

Dragon Age | Furia | @Anndr | Chronicles of Thedas RPG | Fantasy Art

Furia - by Anndr Commission for Simon/aka/Caducus, a portrait of his main character at our Dragon Age forum.

Female Elf Ranger | 凤姐在认真的工作,抠去客人脚趾甲的污垢,突然 ...

The Elder Scrolls Online. Apparently the Aldmeri Dominion Faction Consists of Bosmer, Altmer and Khajitt. I guess its Geographically based because I'd assume the Dunmer would be on their side if they didn't live on the other side of the continent.

Adventure of Learning-How-To-Play-DnD5E - Ownka by on @DeviantArt

Official Post from yuikami: Ownka, the anti-social half-orc druid! Study on half-orc and a portrait of a character from my friend's DnD Campaign I'm in.

Elf portrait by on @DeviantArt

Clad in her new armor Estri Mirrenir, soldier of Arisi alnarisa, listen carefully what her captain say about the mornings coming exercise.