NEW PLAYLIST: *Vol No.3 - Glass* Happy #MusicMonday!  Today's playlist is a craft pleaser (see what we did there?!), inspired by one of our all-time favourite Blondie hits, 'Heart of Glass'.

One of the only women to break through in the male-dominated punk rock scene, Debbie Harry quickly shot to fame, becoming a music icon along with her band Blondie.

This is a GREAT photo of Debbie Harry.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Oakley Women’s Feedback Sunglasses, Black (Pink), 59

zombiesenelghetto: “ Debbie Harry photographed by Jimmy DeSana, 1977

Before Madonna, Gaga ,Gwen, Courtney, Dale Bozzio, etc.  There was Deborah Harry.

Debbie Harry AKA Blondie wearing the promotional shirt for the movie Andy Warhol's Bad.

On A Train, Late '70s Photo: Chris Stein

Debbie Harry's glory years – in pictures

Chris Stein / Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk On a train, late - The Cut

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New band of the day (Lexy and the Kill No 1,494)

Blondie: Parallel Lines Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the Blondie Parallel Lines album.

Debbie Harry: Why 70s pop goddess still rocks | Mail Online

The blonde with more bottle: Why 70s pop goddess Debbie Harry still rocks

happy birthday, Debbie Harry - she’s been a rock icon for years as the frontwoman of Blondie, as well as being a songwriter, actress and permanently cool symbol of style.

Date: 1979  Details: This photo of Debbie Harry shot during the filming of the Heart of Glass video, was given out to members of the original Official Blondie Fan Club and was taken by Roberta Bayley.

Blondie Debbie Harry Beautiful Original photo 1979 Heart Of Glass Disco

Debbie Harry on punk, refusing to retire and sex at 69 - Telegraph

Debbie Harry on punk, refusing to retire and sex at 69

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Debbie Harry, 1976 Photo by bob Gruen Her hair is so perfect in this photo!