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Finnick Odair, Sam Claflin. The prove that men can be more beautiful than women.

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Roamer Men’s Automatic Watch with Silver Dial Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap 545660 41 16 05

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He and Col always made a pair - he's always worn his hair human short to help with getting into the engines he fixes and designs. Col wears her's to the epitome of Eldar tradition - loose it snakes to the back of her knees in copper waves. She wears it braided and looped into ropes of hair most days and has two maids just for her hair arrangements.

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I'm Kyle. I'm 18 and I'm a shadowhunter. My sis is Max. I'm pretty famous because I'm one of the best shadowhunters around. Also, I don't know anything about most modern day technology. I hate ducks, like most of my family, as you probably know. I can be a flirt and I can be very self-confident, but that's just for laughs.

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adrian (psychology major) stylish and playful, adrian is the life of the party. he's curious, and can be caring at the most surprising of times.

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Steffen Noorgard by Benjamin Alexander Huseby ~ i-D Magazine #328 ~ ‘I’d Love To Kiss You But I Just Washed My Hair’

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