New POP Pilates Pick-Me-Up Workout! This is... | ❤ BLOGILATES ❤-------did a few of her workouts today and man was she hardcore. A bunch of pilates videos and cardio videos on youtube etc.

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WEBSTA @ blogilates - POP PILATES HIIT FO YO ABS!1⃣ single legged knee-in x 45 sec2⃣ plank bunny hops x 45 sec3⃣ scissor sit up x 45 sec4⃣ donkey kicks x 45 sec5⃣ criss crosses x 45 secTry this combo once through if you brave, twice through if you cray, and thrice through if you be outta yo mind! You can use the HIIT Timer in the Blogilates App to write down all the moves and time yourself.Have fun and tag a friend who be brave enough to try this!#poppilates #blogilates

It’s August 1st. A new day to begin a new month. In the next 31 days you will commit to yourself, achieve your goals, and finally make your dreams come true. Forget what anyone has ever told you. Forget the doubts, own this month for me please? All you have to do is complete all the workouts listed each day and be sure to take your recovery day off! Very important to train hard and relax. You need it. Go download the calendar on or download the blogilates app free!! Ok now…

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