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Blink will ALWAYS be one of my favorite bands, but this album cover tops that.. Since this nurse has been in prison for some them, ha.

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Blink-182...awesome!! i would love a record player and so many records like Blink and Green Day!

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Blink-182 Manifesto

Blink-182... when I was about 13 I thought Tom Delonge was the best looking guy to walk the earth. Cool man, so cool

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Blink-182 - Up All Night || Blink 182 was my teenage hero, and it sadden me to know that on december 2004 they're breaking up. I thought "the greatest hits" was their last album. This night while i was having a nostalgic moment with their old track on youtube, I found that now their back!! I was so happy.. haha. still Blink 182 but with more mature music. I hope you like it as I do, enjoy!

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All of Blink-182's albums on Vinyl (excluding Short Bus and Flyswatter)

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for a band that have several logos (see earlier albums / iconic smiley face with the arrows) this newest logo managed to push through and become just as recogniseable. Swishy, still punk, modern.