Perfect blended family posing ideas :)

like the pose on the bottom in the middle love the posing and when I see pictures of big families. Can't wait for our first blended family photo sesh!

Such a great way to include your little one in your wedding.

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a family that prays together stays together :)

Family Time Prayer Families that pray together, stay together. Prayer actually helps bond the family. It is hard for family members to stay upset with each other while going before God and praying for God to help each other.

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I love the second photo - good posing idea for a family photo session. Family Photography Pose Ideas by Treasured-Photographics

♥ this idea.

How to Plan a Blended Family Wedding

Wedding sign- needs a bit of punctuation but I like it. Today two families become one; so pick a seat, not a side. :) until they fight then pick the brides side:)

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