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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Going Platinum Blonde

First things first, there are a few things to consider. One main concern is the potential damage your hair will face.


How (and Why) I Went Platinum Blonde at Home

Every pro colourist will tell you NOT to bleach your hair at home… but I did it anyway


19 Rose Gold Hair Color Looks That Absolutely SLAY

Cascading Pink Waves with Ombre Bayalage: Going for rose gold tones doesn't necessarily mean you have to bleach your entire mane platinum -- if you go for an ombre bayalage look like this with a dip-dye effect, it means you'll only have to lighten the lower half of your hair.


The RIGHT Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home

The Right Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home #refinery29 Step 1: Evaluate Your Risk “The best and lightest results are seen on hair that is virgin — no hair dye at all — and shades that are light brown and [lighter],” says Alex Brownsell, Bleach London founder and celebrity colorist. You can do it on darker hair, but it will require some patience, and the damage will inevitably be greater. Still lusting after white-blonde? Proceed to Step ...


What Colour Should You Dye Your Hair?

So many hair colours, so little time. Stuck on what colour to dye your hair next? Let us decide for you!


Tasha Spencer from Bleach London knows her stuff and is the go-to gal for the likes of Lottie Tomlinson and Isamaya Ffrench.