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Artistic Bleached Clothing

Derek ‘Bones’ Boe makes bleached clothing look badass. Who knew that such a volatile chemical could produce something so artfully macabre?

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Bleach pen DIY! Made this by using masking tape to get straight lines and then scrubbing in the bleach with the brush end of the bleach pen!

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DIY Bleach-dipping: Dip a dress, denim jacket, or shirt in bleach and splatter it around a bit.

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DIY Homemade Bleach Pen - So easy to make!

Make your own bleach pen for pennies on the dollar! 3 simple ingredients make this homemade hack a no-brainer!

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Splatter Bleached and Shredded AC/DC T Shirt

This shirt is a one of a kind, each splattered shirt is different. This one is a AC/DC Back in Black tee , all cotton. Splatter bleach and

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