Bleach ichigo and rukia

Bleach ichigo and rukia. Don't ship them sooo much but you know they're cute

Anime: Bleach Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki

Here is my first art on my new tablet x)) I like Kubo-san-manga-style so much x)) Bleach(c) Kubo Tite Art by me. ^^" Bleach vol. The story of destiny begins.

i'm pinning it,yeah but i really don't like ichiruki.I'm like an XXXXtremely big fan of ichihime!

Ichigo and Rukia -Honestly one of my favorite quotes in all of Bleach. And not just 'cause of the shippy feels.but shippy feels don't hurt~

Bleach// Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki

yuria-sama: “ 「True IchiRuki cover」 Because I love to see these hairstyles for timeskip IchiRuki ♥ And I added some specials like red string of destiny ~ Edit by me★ Cleaned cover by awesome ”

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Dance with Snow White by Johanna the Mad. I love the Dance with Snow White meme. It's amazing how the ichiruki fandom banded together so strongly after Bleach's last chapter.