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Comic Illustrations by Nekozumi

The dub ended yesterday on November 2nd. I'm so sad! WHAT DO I DO WITH MY SATURDAY NIGHTS NOW!!!

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Kuroshitsuji! My favorite manga!!! And my favorite anime!! I also love Ouran High school host club! ! I love them equally

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Steins;gate, Makise Kurisu, Okabe Rintarou, Shiina Mayuri, Kiryu Moeka, Urushibara Ruka, Akiha Rumiho, Amane Suzuha, Hashida Itaru

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Yep, this was me when I first watched it in sub. But when I watched some of the dub, Armin was using more curse words than he did in the sub.

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Awesome moment - First sentence learned: Are you okay? (i was watching alot of bleach at the time) and you know what the answer should always be NO! they are not ok did you see that wall they busted through with their head??? <<< mine were 'good morning' and 'no' and 'yes' and 'its okay' and 'whats the matter' and 'a little' and 'idiot' all in the space of one episode O.o

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heart 20 surf van... My daughter has always wanted one of these beautifully built pieces of art!

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Mountainside Remodel

Wide shiplap planks, bleached oak vanity and cement tile floors || Studio McGee

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