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Bleach baths are great for people with skin problems (e.g. Keratosis Pilaris). A friend of mine and I both have it. She started bleach baths and hers is now gone/under control. I will be trying it soon :) I will edit this post once I have tried it to give my results.

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These pictures are from last year around this time. This is what nummular eczema looks like in winter. Poor Brax! He was going to the best children's dermatologist in Indianapolis. He was taking a ton of medications, creams, bleach baths, wet wraps, etc. He would wake every morning covered in blood & his sheets covered. His mother started him on Soothe by Rodan & Fields. Brax doesn't have ulcers any more!!!

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5 Secrets to Eliminating Severe Eczema

5 Secrets to eliminate severe eczema! Combine things like wet wraps, bleach baths, and TrueLipids and your eczema doesn't stand a chance! See what else is on the list...

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Bleach or Vinegar: A Recipe for Eczema

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How to Give Your Child a Bleach Bath

A three year old girl in the bath tub. - Jena Cumbo/Taxi/Getty Images

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