Get the gridded artwork look on a dime. Browse the dollar store for wood frames and customize them with paint. These frames were spruced up with black paint and then distressed with sandpaper to match the look of the vintage botanical prints they display

39 Blank Wall Solutions

Use your creativity and thriftiness to transform a blank wall into a piece of art. If you don't know what to do with a blank wall, look at our list of ideas! From DIY artwork, to inspiring posters, you will be inspired with our great decoration tips!

Looking to spruce up your bedroom? This is the perfect creative solution to turning a blank wall space into a fun, flirty feature. Nastazsa from YouTube channel “LagunaBeachLove10″ shows us how to make a beautiful DIY Light Up Headboard to hang behind your bed. Nastazsa makes one to fit behind her full-size bed, but you can... View Article

Make A Lovely DIY Light-Up Headboard… On A Budget

She Hangs Christmas Lights Behind Her Bed. When The Camera Pans Out? - L ooking to spruce up your bedroom? This is the perfect creative solution to turning a blank wall space into a fun, flirty feature.

I'm so doing this! Confederate Jasmine vine on a blank brick wall in a diamond or harlequin pattern--love it!

Blank Wall Solution: Easy Growing Vines

Oversized artwork and foyer table - Better Homes & Garden

39 Blank Wall Solutions

Blank Wall Solutions: Attention Grabber Draw attention to unique accessories with an oversize piece of artwork. This massive print embraces the contemporary typography trend and draws the eye toward a modern transparent console table.

To put a culinary-inspired twist on the classic silhouette, use cutouts of cooking utensils and appliances as the subject matter |

39 Blank Wall Solutions

To put a culinary-inspired twist on the classic silhouette, use cutouts of cooking utensils and appliances as the subject matter for kitchen wall decor. These cutouts are backed with photocopied pages from an old cookbook

If your walls could talk, would they say they are too bare? Liven up your rooms with our blank wall solutions! From DIY artwork to large and interesting posters, get the style you want with our simple hacks and tips.

39 Blank Wall Solutions

DIY Botanical Prints Update the classic look of botanical prints with this easy DIY project. Silk or plastic greenery is laid on a blank canvas and a coat of spray paint creates the reverse silhouette.

Art of Grandeur        A single piece of art can be the solution for an entire blank wall -- if it's a dramatic size, like this floor-to-ceiling printed canvas, stretched around a frame. To make your own oversized art, stretch fabric around a canvas frame, available at art or crafts stores.

39 Blank Wall Solutions

Dark wall color makes art,whitentrim,furniture stand out. To make your own oversize artwork, stretch fabric around a canvas frame, available at crafts stores.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to a new cleaning schedule:

Your Simple Whole-House Cleaning Schedule

Remove the glass from a store-bought picture frame, line the inside of the frame with a piece of scrapbook paper, then adhere the calendar to the paper. To allow easy change-out from month to month, look for a calendar that has tear-off pages.

Have a blank wall in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen? These ideas will inspire you to create a gallery wall or hang wall art in frames to spice up the plain white wall. Your home will look more finished and beautiful once you’ve hung pictures and art on the walls.

39 Blank Wall Solutions

39 Blank Wall Solutions Sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? Infuse it with warmth and style by adding creative artwork.

DIY Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

Decorating Large Walls - Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

38 Blank Wall Solutions: Consider classic finds such as quilts, vintage cross-stitch, or watercolors to add some fab flair to your walls.

39 Blank Wall Solutions

20 Ideas for blank walls. Frame up vintage textiles in the same color. This is a great Idea to add color without painting!

Go Lighter          After you find the perfect color for a wall on a paint card, buy paint that's one step lighter. Colors look darker on the wall, so the lighter shade will deliver more punch than you'd expect.

Our Best Tips for Choosing and Using Color

These easy and unique blank wall solutions will make your blank walls come to life in your home. Look at some of these easy tips and ideas to inspire you to decorate! Add style and character to your walls with these simple decorating ideas.

Better Homes & Gardens posted this lovely wall art that would be easy to replicate. Plates in frames would be a lovely accent in a dining or kitchen area...lovely papers in the background.

17 Ways to Dress up Blank Walls

Use talavera plates! Combine two types of wall art -- shadowboxes and plates -- for a distinctive way to dress up a blank wall. Line the shadowboxes with colorful papers or fabrics, then mount coordinating plates inside the boxes with a strong adhesive.

Symmetrical Arrangement  Create a picture-perfect plate arrangement on your walls with a little bit of prep work. Trace the items you plan to hang onto paper. Cut out the shapes and tape to the wall in different arrangements until you get the perfect combination.  LOVE this next to the kitchen!

39 Blank Wall Solutions

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