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A message to all bullies who treat their victim(s) like they are worthless, then play the victim when they are confronted for their abuse, and act stunned when people want to end the relationship with them.


This could not be a truer statement. You're caught stealing. Then, instead of doing the right thing and admit what you did, you start blaming other people - because nothing is ever your fault. EVER. The mistakes don't make you a bad person ... the fact you don't own what you do and you try to drag others to your level does.


A Scar Does Not Form on the Dying (Live Life Happy)

You can make mistakes . . . . Just don't blame your mom. She did the best she could at the time. What does the chapter say about mom blaming?


Note to self : Because we all have choices, and if you let other people define your character, you really can't blame them for yourself not being strong enough.


Always blaming others and complaining. These types find themselves alone. No one wants to hear it.


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Manipulative people latch on to empathetic targets and exploit their innate qualities. They find people who are easy-going, gentle and kind - who avoid conflict and seek to make others happy. The Problem: They reciprocate none of these things. Instead, they feel entitled to your constant forgiveness and self-blame. If you set boundaries or say no, you will be punished for reacting to their abuse. Toxic people constantly look to blame the victim.


"For most people, blaming others is a subconscious mechanism for avoiding accountability. In reality, the only thing in your way is YOU." - Steve Maraboli #quote