Rachel at Tyrell's

Rachael (Sean Young) - Blade Runner / Costume design by Michael Kaplan & Charles Knode.

Harrison Ford's collar in Blade Runner is best when it's up and buttoned

Sci-fi fashion on the big screen - in pictures

In action: Harrison as the sci-fi warrior in the (now-classic) film by the accomplished Ridley Scott

Sean Young as Rachael in Blade Runner, Dir. Ridley Scott (1982). Face inspiration for Adina.

Rachel (Sean Young), Blade Runner Loved this movie. What ever happened to her after "No Way Out"?

La réplicante du film Blade Runner. Sa personnalité se rapproche du personnage féminin du court. Toutes deux possèdent une véritable vivacité intellectuelle. Elle semble si poche de nous, et paradoxalement si éloignée, irréelle.

Enki Bilal: Metropolis est un film visionnaire!

Blade Runner - Sean Young as Rachel.

Juxtaposition: referencing the past. A noir film set in a futuristic city, means that the costumes were adapted to look like classic noir costumes with a modern edge. Blade Runner - Sean Young as Rachel.