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Wow. First, brilliant. Second, this would make a phenomenal exercise for a composition class of any sort, to demonstrate either reading between the lines, completely revising something, or the ability to shorten a piece to the bare bones

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This heartbreaking print "Overheard on the Titanic" was made by blacking out words in a newspaper article with a Sharpie marker. Beautiful.

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Creating Remarkable Poetry Through Subtraction

Poetry through subtraction. Great activity to use newspapers/magazines for recycling.

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Tom Phillips ~ [no title: p. 33], From A Humument Vol. II, 1970 (relief print on paper)

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Found Poetry? Recycle pages from old books for students to "find" poems or create a "found" passage of deeper meaning, humor, etc.

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50 Mesmerising Designs That Make The Most Of Negative Space

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black is authoritive, powerful, evokes strong emotions, and too much black can feel overwhelming. black represents power, sophistication, elegance, formality, mystery and the unknown.

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