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Blackburn Buccaneer S2. Using the more powerful Spey engines. The aircraft was designed to run at high subsonic speed at low level, but the lack of supersonic performance meant it was reluctantly accepted by the RAF after the cancellation of the TSR2. Always seen as a stopgap, the aircraft suffered from a lack of development of its radar and electronics.

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Blackburn Buccaneer | Blackburn Buccaneer Wallpaper - Download The Free Blackburn Buccaneer ...

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Blackburn Buccaneer - The mighty Buccaneer was designed for the Royal Navy to rain nuclear fire upon Soviet warships in the nightmare scenario of WW3 yet ended up as the primary strike aircraft of the Royal Air Force throughout much of the Cold War, long after the RN had lost its carriers. This was the aircraft that was responsible for getting me into aviation, as I grew up seeing them regularly, and they left a lasting impression. - See more at…

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RAF aircraft used during Operation Granby (Gulf War I) 1990-91. The Jaguar, Buccaneer and Tornado F2 are no longer in service. The Tornado GR1 has been upgraded to GR4.

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