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Spider Tattoos

I had to pin this because it looks soo good, but i couldn't have it on me, id freak out everytime i look in the mirror!!

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heart 2 Welcome to the black widow in my gem collection ! Wich insect or little animal would you like to see next ? #tattoflash #blackwidow #spider #ruby #gem #tattooidea #artist #art #chameleonpens

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"Turn the pain into power" I want this quote from "Superheroes" by The Script under my Captain America/Winter Soldier/Black Widow tattoo -Royale

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I HATE spiders so damn much, but perhaps it would make a cool tattoo..kinda like symbolizing that I live with my greatest fear everyday kinda thing.

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Black Widow Spider Watercolor Painting

Signed original watercolor painting of a black widow spider. 7 x 11 painting on acid free watercolor paper. I also take commissions. Want a different animal or different color scheme? How about a painting of your pet? I will be happy to oblige.

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