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We're walking... She's wearing high heels, guns strapped to her legs and she can do back flips and can jump and can do a flying kick... Amazing

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The Avengers: Black Widow - Deluxe Figur, Fertig-Modell,

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How Scarlett Johansson Got in Superhero Shape For The Avengers

Black Widow is, like the canary, a great idea as a character in general. She joined the avengers without powers and still has the ability to go up against the likes of Hulk and aliens. I used her electric baton idea for my character because he is pretty much all the superheroes on this board knocked into one.

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"The Avengers established a pattern, that not only would Widow change her costume and weapons, but also her hairstyle. She was trained to be a chameleon-like spy, so why wouldn't she be constantly switching up her appearance?"

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Cosplay Edit: How to Put Together a Marvel Black Widow Costume in 24 Hours

After seeing The Avengers, I am extremely impressed with Black Widow. The Iron Man 2 costume is fairly simple, fabric with lots of piping, leg pocket, bullets around the wrists, Black Widow symbol on the belt, toolbelt, fingerless gloves, and pistol.

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