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©Gary McParland Landscape Photography trees eerie scary mist forest black white-I absolutely love shooting fog. Nothing more challenging...and the outcome is always beautiful.

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The Best Ways To Make Your Photos Black & White

Daisy: These old shoes are just like Daisy because she is worn out and has been used. Daisy has a kid and has to deal with a love triangle.

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Fence and Snow by Neil Johnson #Photography #Patterns

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High/Low - This photo is perfect. The shoe looks GIANT, but awesome. It's not so distracting that you can't understand what's going on. To me, it could be a clever fashion ad for the shoe, in a way. I also love the fact that it is in black and white because I think the contrast works in its favor. The shoe definitely looks larger than life and makes the viewer feel small.

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Black and White Photography books of the year

sergio larrain - Black and White Photography books of the year - Telegraph

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By Keith Dotson I Photographer Blog. Absolutely amazing focus, detail, spectrum, and composition. This is black and white photography done right. Kudos, Keith Dotson, kudos

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You are like a snowflake no one else is like you. Special in every way.

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