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Thinking about learning how to play the guitar part for this song... I really like the guitar in Nirvana's songs... ~AnOnYmOuS


BLACK TAR HEROIN: THE DARK END OF THE STREET, goes so deep inside the world of heroin addiction. An extraordinary look at two years in the lives of five heroin addicts, offers a rare and intimate portrait of how heroin devastates young lives. The film chronicles the daily lives of Jake, Jessica, Tracey, Oreo and Alice, three young women and two young men, ages 18 to 25, as they face the ever-present perils of hard

January 2nd wasn’t so bad. I know I predicted that it was going to be AWFUL, but I also compared Doritos to black tar heroin. Sometimes I can be a little dramatic. Instead, we are slowly slid…

night-spell: “ On the set of The Man Who Fell to Earth, New Mexico, 1975 © Steve Schapiro | GettyImages ”