Like many girls my love of black Arabian horses stems from reading the Black Stallion series as a child.

The exotic black filly - What a stunning horse ♥ ♥ ♥Beautiful Horse♥ ♥ ♥ Looks like Black Beauty.

Arabian Horse Arabian Horse Show - Western Competition Egyptian Stallion Breeding PIntabians~

Caslyn O'Dell says her young stallion just likes to pretend that he is wild. Read 'Miss Deal' by J A Winkleman and enjoy for yourself how our heroine interacts with her beautiful horse. (Available on iBooks for your iPad.

A Wild Horse Runing

I love this picture. Of course I love pretty much everyp picture of Black Stallions. Migh something to do with the fact that that's pretty much my favorite fiction series.

Atemberaubend, wie wunderschön dieser Friese ist! #APASSIONATA

I love black horses,think it goes back to my childhood fave film The Black Stallion

Majestic Horses Black Stallion Spirit Horse by AmyLynBihrle

Majestic Horses - Black Stallion Spirit Horse Native Feathers - Prints by Bihrle mm65

Amy Lyn Bihrle Majestic Mustang Black Stallion Native American Friesian Horse ArT Print by AmyLyn Bihrle

Drawing comparisons: 'It's like someone crossed a horse with the hunky lead from a romance novel,' Boredom Therapy wrote

Most handsome horse? Stallion wins fans over with his lustrous mane

Er gilt als das schönste Pferd der Welt: Seine Eleganz ist unbeschreiblich

Stallion-such a powerful statement!

How Many Basic Foreign Language Words Do You Know?

Picture of black friesian stallion gallop in sunset stock photo, images and stock photography.

The Black Stallion

THE BLACK STALLION my favorite scene from my all time favorite movie. I feel like I relive this moment every time I take Teaspoon to the beach.

The Black Stallion starring the show champion,Arabian stallion, Cass Ole, and the boy, Kelly Reno, a real rancher's son. A beautiful movie in every way....acting, photography, music ...

The Black Stallion starring the show champion,Arabian stallion, Cass Ole, and…

There is not much in this world more stunning than a horse full out running.

Black Friesian horse running on the beach - Portfolio Paardenfoto's « Hypo Focus Paardenfotografie. Something about pure black horses.

Horses in movies, The Young Black Stallion

I love this pic.The Black, from The Young Black Stallion- It's a sweet movie with some of the most amazing videography.