MANILA - FILIPINAS -festive Quiapo | lights adorn the Quiapo Church as thousands wait for the return of the Black Nazarene from a procession. The carriage carrying the image left the church Jan 8 and was displayed overnight at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila. The return commemorates the first procession to transfer the Black Nazarene from a church in Intramuros to the Minor Basilica in Quiapo on Jan. 9, 1767. Feast of the Black Nazarene Quiapo, Manila Philippines

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Black Nazarene Procession: a guide to the Philippines' holy festival

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eclectic Quiapo | a Chinese feng-shui mirror peddled in Manila reflects the Quiapo Parish Church and a couple attending the 400 years of the Festivity in Quiapo. thousands of devotees flock to Quiapo today to keep vigil before the image of the Black Nazarene of the Quiapo parish. Quiapo, Manila Philippines

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Mauresque Noire “Black Moorish Woman,” Charles Cordier, 1856 - when others could not, he saw the beauty in dark skin waaaaay back when

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Feast of the Black Nazarene | 17 Philippine Festivals You Should Go To Before You Die

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Quaipo Black Nazarene "TRASLACION 2017 - Quirino Grandstand" January 12,...

Black Nazarene Quiapo Fiesta Procession Route 2012 -

Quiapo. Oh God, where do I begin?!? Quiapo is a hodgepodge, a place beautiful and ugly, chaotic and serene at the same time. Here, religious artifacts are sold side-by-side with ethnic potions. Fortune tellers will tell your fortune for a fee. Chinese imports are on sale on the cheap. And if your a photography buff, then Hidalgo St in Quiapo is your Mecca. Additionally, Quiapo Church is home to the Black Nazarene, a venerated dark-skinned image of Jesus Christ.

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