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The traditional Black Moon Lilith is the position of the mean lunar apogee as measured from the geocenter; variants of the Black Moon include replacing the mean orbit with a "true" osculating orbit or with an interpolated orbit; charting the empty focus of the Moon's orbit instead of the apogee; and measuring the desired point's barycentric or topocentric position instead of its geocentric position


Black Moon or Lilith is part of Astro-psychology :it is the moonspot in your radix which is most distance from the earth. It means you can not wear any mask or find ways of protection , -also subconcious levels ,you are completely 'naked' there, so most vulnerable. (How to Find All the Lilith's(= Black moon) in Your Birth Chart AstroFix)


There are 3ish versions of Lilith in the sky. There is the physical Asteroid Lilith, The Black Moon Lilith (Occupying two separate placements in your chart under the names of True Lilith [or oscillating Lilith] & Mean Lilith), and then there is Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath Black Moon). I use the Mean Lilith or Black Moon Lilith most often in my readings, so what...

Circles are common in magic lore. Consecrate the grounds and call upon the four elements, catch the energy in a circle and let it flow out.


Black Moon Lilith in Libra: The Uncompromising Bitch

Black Moon Lilith is moving through Libra, creating tension between this sign's social compromises and Lilith's uncompromising rage.