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Black Ice Licorice Ice Cream

I would just love to try this, i wonder if it dyes your lips and tongue??


Black Licorice Caramels

These addictive, easy to make Black Licorice Caramels are a cross between black licorice and soft buttery caramels.


Homemade Licorice

Homemade Licorice - Why buy licorice in the store when you can make the freshest, most aromatic version you've ever tasted at home? With the essence of your choice—licorice root, anise extract, fennel seed-infused syrup—and just a few other ingredients, it's amazingly easy to cook up a sweet taffy that can be cut into cubes, twisted into ropes, or otherwise fashioned into a chewy old-school treat.


Italian Anisette Cookies

Ok, but without the anise LOL You see, the adults in this family love the black licorice flavor of anise. I’m British so naturally I love it, and my husband and father in law are both Italian. However, my children don’t care for it, so the only change I made to this recipe I foundRead More »