Black jacks

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Black Jack & Fruit Salads ---loved the way the black jacks turned your mouth black. In 1979, I had to chew these when I was pregnant to take away the constant unpleasant taste in my mouth that was made by the high dose of iron tablets. They were the only things that would mask it! (JT)

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Half Penny coin - you could get a black jack or fruit salad chewy sweet for one of these.

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The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

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Jackrabbit Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Cristina Lichti

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The image can be interpreted to show how society is reliant on technology and the white line can show how technology is always running through us because as it develops, society adapts with the process. Will the users of Generation Alpha be more advanced than the other Generations because technology will be developed further?

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Half Penny. I remember these being introduced and being all new and shiny! Loose change to buy half penny chews, such as Fruit Salads & Black Jacks on the way to school.

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This great "chick flick movie night in" gift box hamper comes with a choice of 7 DVDs and is filled with lots of nostalgic sweets, including cola bottles, pink shrimps, sour tongues, black jacks, fruit salads and bon bon's. As well as the fab pic n mix there is a delicious slice of chocolate pizza and chocolate drizzle popcorn

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Black Jack Chews - Traditional Sweets From The Uks Original Sweetshop. Fast Delivery Of Retro Confectionery

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