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Captain Beefheart, by Anton Corbijn, Mojave Desert, USA 1980. "Shot on the day I first met him in August 1980. This is one of two photographs I took of him with his hat in his hand and he suddenly became more a person than an artist I was photographing ­ it ended up as a picture on the sleeve for his album " Ice Cream for Crow " and we ended up as friends."


NWA, or Nigga With Attitude, is one of the most influential group in Hip Hop, not because entirely of their persona, but the undiluted streetness that they protrude in their lyrics and songs. Their careers took on a greater influence on hip hop separately than they had ever influenced it together.


- ¿Que le decimos al dios de la muerte? - Hoy no, Sólo hay un único dios y es la muerte. Y solo hay una única cosa que le decimos a la muerte: Hoy no


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